Dr. Inkyo CHEONG is Professor of Economics at Inha University, Incheon, Korea. He also serves as Director for Center on FTA Studies at the university, and he has been actively involving in Korea¡¯s FTA policy formation, especially as a member of Korea¡¯s negotiation team, and in official studies for economic feasibilities in Korea¡¯s major FTAs such as a Korea-Japan FTA, a Korea-ASEAN FTA, a Korea-US FTA, a Korea-India FTA, etc.

He has been Research Fellow for eight years in Korean Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), Seoul, Korea. In the context of economic cooperation, he studies issues on APEC and East Asian economic integration. As Secretariat General for East Asian Vision Group (EAVG), the organization which was introduced by Leaders of ASEAN+3(China, Japan and Korea) in 1999, he contributed the finalization of the EAVG Report. Current discussion on East Asian economic cooperation has been based on the recommendations in the report.

Regarding APEC activities, he drafted the evaluation report on Indonesia's Individual Action Plan in 2005, in addition to his papers on APEC. He has been instrumental in establishing the groundwork for and has been actively involved in negotiating of Korea's first FTA with Chile. He has lead FTA studies on behalf of the government of Korea, in forms of internal evaluations as well as joint studies for the bilateral FTAs with Japan, Singapore, ASEAN, Mexico, the US, India etc.

He advises FTA policies for several governmental ministries such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as well as participates at official negotiations for bilateral FTAs with ASEAN and Japan as one of Korean delegates. He published many articles and books on FTAs, APEC, and East Asian economic cooperation.

Samples of recent publication can be Pros and Cons on a US-Korea FTA (Korean, 2006), East Asian Regionalism: Prospects and Challenges by Springer(2005), Korea-Japan FTA: Toward a Model Case for East Asian Economic Integration by KIEP(2005), "The FTA Approach towards East Asian Economic Integration: Progress and Challenges" in Towards East Asian Economic Community by the Gioi Publisher(2004), "A Strategic Approach Towards a U.S.-Korea FTA," Coping with Korea¡¯s Security Challenges. by Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security(2004), and "Korea's FTA policy: background and current progress," in The Korean Economy at the Crossroads by RoutledgeCurzon(2004).